The summer season for Austin Stone Worship is a weird one. A lot of our team is either out leading for camps or on vacation for pretty much the whole two-to-three month period. So I personally am glad that it is wrapping up!

This week is one of the first weeks that our team is getting back into a regular rhythm of meeting and gathering together to accomplish the things the Lord has given us to do. And it has been refreshing, yet full of things to do.

This summer has definitely been a crazy but fruitful season. I was blessed to be able to go on vacation with my family, and it was rest that the Lord definitely knew I needed. I have also had the opportunity to lead worship a few different times at churches in College Station as well as for a group of Pine Cove leaders here in Austin. This season at The Austin Stone has grown me immensely as a follower of Jesus as well as a leader of worship and shepherd of people.

I also got to go on a trip with some other people on the worship team as well as some church planting residents to Tacoma/Seattle, Washington. We partnered with a church plant in Tacoma called Pathway. They are a relatively new plant, and doing great things! While we were there we got help them do outreach events in their community and they also taught us about church planting and all of the things that come with it. It was an incredibly long, tiring yet encouraging week. It was truly a blessing to be able to serve and learn from those brothers and sisters.seattle

(Prayer and worship time on the beach at the end of our trip)

We have two big projects that I’ve been working a lot on in the past few months. One is the Austin Stone Worship Conference that we are having in November! #ASWCon will be a time when almost 500 worship leaders, pastors and artists from around the country gather together to worship, pray and learn how to better pastor, shepherd and lead the people at their local church. The Austin Stone has been blessed with incredible leadership and God has given us a platform in order to share this knowledge and insight with other leaders. We believe that God is going to do big things in the lives of the men and women that come for the conference, and we are really excited about it! Please begin praying with me for that time and that leaders would grow in their love and passion for Jesus and take that back with them along with practical skills to lead their people, back to their home churches.

We have also been working on creating and organizing curriculum for Worship Leader Development Online! In the past, Austin Stone Worship has had an in person, classroom setting version of Worship Leader Development. However, there has been interest, from people around the country and the globe, in being apart of this program. So we are currently organizing all of our content and creating syllabi for this course! We are excited to see all that God does through this program. Our goal is again to help equip and train pastors and worship leaders in order to point their people towards Jesus.

I’m also excited to announce that I’m engaged! I proposed on July 17 in Wichita Falls, and will be married on January 1st! I’m excited that God has blessed and trusted me with this, and can’t wait for this new season of life with Addison!




Please be in prayer for:

  • Remaining time with The Austin Stone and that I would continue to grow, develop and seek Jesus and what He has for this time.
  • Transition back to Wichita Falls (housing, job, etc.)
  • Future Marriage – that I would lead and provide for my family both physically and spiritually the way that God calls us to and exemplifies for us.

I am extremely thankful to each of you and how you have supported me both prayerfully and financially. Feel free to contact me anytime and let me know if there is anything I can be doing or praying for you!

I plan on posting way more these last few months of my residency with photos, written posts and videos!



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