5.4.17 Update


So I’ve decided to start doing regular updates on what is going on here in Wichita Falls!

Josh Francis
(West Virginia/Green Bay Packers/Singer-Songwriter)

The past two months, we had a friend named Josh Francis live with us. Josh is an incredible person, as well as a professional football player. We met last year when I was working at DesignWorks Group, and he was playing for the Wichita Falls Nighthawks. Josh and I quickly hit if off, having common interests in music and a common bond in Jesus. In the short month that we knew each other, a lot of crazy things happened! (Including him getting engaged and married all in four days!) Addison and I quickly thought of Josh as our brother, but then he was called to the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL!

So this year, he had left Calgary, and came back to Wichita Falls for another short stint with the Nighthawks. During that time he taught me so much, and we spent a lot of good quality time together. However, he just went home again to spend some time with his wife and daughter before his next venture! Josh is a phenomenal person and we’re going to miss him!

The Atlanta, Georgia Medical Adventure

As some of you may know, Addison has had chronic back, neck and shoulder pain for the past few years of her life. The pain first started during her senior year of college at Texas A&M University, and has continued until now. After years of doctors appointments, physical therapy sessions, MRIs, and other tests and experiments, no one has been able to figure what is causing this pain or how to stop it.

A couple weeks ago we traveled to the Atlanta to spend a week with Jerome Lubbe at Thrive Neuro Health. Jerome is an incredible smart doctor and has a degree in Chiropractic specializing in neurology. As we spent the week and 15 appointments with Jerome, he was able to find the source of the pain, and give us a plan as to stop it completely! We have already seen much success and growth and are excited to see the pain completely go away in the future! Praise the Lord!!

Another huge praise report – as you can imagine, a week with a neurologist is no cheap expense. And as me being a support raising worship pastor/musician, and Addison being the Executive Director at a non-profit, we don’t have traditional health insurance. We use a Christian health-sharing  service called Samaritan Ministries. Long story short, we weren’t sure if this week’s worth of appointments would be covered, and it is going to be COMPLETELY covered. Praise the Lord!

Onelife Community Church

I recently had my one year anniversary as the worship pastor at Onelife! It has been a really great year, full of learning. Our team has grown in number, skill and devotion to the Lord & His Church! We are monthly gathering as a team at an event we call Onelife Worship Collective, where we share a meal, sing and pray together. It is a really sweet time getting to know each other more and fellowship with the people we serve alongside.

Addison and I are also leading a Missional Family together at Onelife. We love gathering with this group of people every week, and sharing life together. Walking through scripture together, praying, worshipping, and following the Lord to reach our city for the Gospel – together as a family. The past couple months we’ve been putting on monthly shows to reach artists & songwriters in our city, as well as creating a space to hangout with other people in our city and create relationships! It has been an incredible thing that the Lord has absolutely blessed. It has been really amazing to watch everybody use their individual gifts to help put these shows on, and serve the Lord in their own unique way. I believe that’s what the Lord wants us to do. Not necessarily just do the same missions that everybody else does, but to use the unique gifts and talents that He has given us to serve and build His Kingdom, and reach those around us for the Gospel.

Onelife is also in the process of trying to find a building we can call our own. For the last three years or so, we’ve been meeting at The Wichita Theatre, and officing in a building connected to it. This has been really great, however, with a growing church, comes a growing children’s area. That being said, we are starting to outgrow our space. We took a leap and left our office space trusting that the Lord is going to provide us a new space and the means to purchase this space! We are hopefully waiting on the Lord and pursuing what He has for us. Please join us in praying that we would be intently looking and listening for where the Lord is moving us! Pray that we would be faithful to follow His lead. If you want to help give to make this possible, visit onelifecc.org/give!

This season at Onelife has been a growing one. People growing individually, ministries within the church growing, learning, changing and becoming more organized, as well as the church growing and changing. One thing that we have been doing is just setting up the baptistry on random weeks, even if we don’t have anyone scheduled to get baptized. Our lead pastor, Ronnie, felt like the Lord was calling us to do this out of faith and expectation that He would indeed move and change people’s hearts at our Sunday morning gatherings. And He has! We have had 23 people come to faith in Jesus and be baptized this year! Praise the Lord! You can see videos of theses baptisms on our Facebook page!

Financial Support

Lastly, I wanted to thank all of you who have supported Addison and I both prayerfully and financially. We are still hoping to raise about $1,000 more per month. However, even though we have been seemingly making less than we ever have, the Lord keeps on providing for us over and over and over and over. He makes a way for us time and time again, and we are so grateful to Him. However, as Onelife continues to grow and change, I will hopefully be able to move into a paid staff position!

Addison and I are confident that this is where the Lord wants us in this season, and we have loved seeing how He moves, and are hopeful that He will continue to do so!

Prayer Requests

  • Continued growth in our marriage
  • Wisdom in leading at our church and in our Missional Family
  • Favor in our relationships in the city to see the Gospel spread
  • Financial provision
  • Complete healing in Addison’s back


Let me know how Addison and I can be praying for you!